About us
About us

Established in 1979, Speedfam incorporated is an independent subsidiary of the world-renowned multinational corporation SPEEDFAM Group (founded in the United States in 1959). Global Tech, Local Touch, a pioneer in global precision planar planarization technology and equipment, with semiconductor, germanium, Japan, Taiwan, China, Asia, and global technology industry development pulse in silicon wafers, semiconductor wafers, LCD displays , LED sapphire, precision optoelectronics, precision ceramics and metal industries, etc., has long provided consistently excellent products and technical services, and has been widely recognized by both domestic and foreign customers for their positive cooperation and good reputation!

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Speedfam incorporated has inherited and accumulated more than 30 years of experience in the United States and Japan. It has a full range of Total Solution services including marketing, process development, design and manufacturing, and technical services. It is engaged in a series of high-precision single-side lapping/grinding/polishing machines, double side lapping/polishing machines, high-quality wafer automatic waxing machines (SWM/LWM), wafer level diamond grinding machines (BSG), edge conductor edge grinder's design and manufacturing, etc.; imported SpeedFam related semiconductor-level high precision flattening semiconductor equipment (Lapper/Polisher/DCP), edge polisher, edge grinder , edge profiler, fine grinder, DSS, consumables, etc. Specialize in high-precision flattening and cleaning technical high-tech company.


As of 2015, Speedfam Taiwan has accumulated sales of more than 5,000 models. The continuous affirmation of the industry is based on

  • With its global base, it has been coached and closely coordinated with customers in various industries around the world for the past 50 years, so it has been able to design products that meet customer needs in the first place.

  • Excellent cooperation team, high-quality products come from perfect organization, from workpiece experiments, accuracy confirmation, design, procurement, manufacturing, installation, and process services are indispensable, sales service experience of 5,000 machines is the proof of customer satisfaction .

  • Provide superior process and service capabilities. Our business and customer service staff have an average of more than 15 years. Professional technical and service experience can quickly resolve all customer issues.

Speedfam incorporated owns the R&D and manufacturing bases of the First and Second Plants in Hsinchu Industrial Zone, Taiwan, as well as instant services for SpeedFam's regional and global networks. In the future generations of IoT, in addition to upholding the consistent quality, technology and services, achievo is more focused on automation and innovation, providing the best solutions for its industry partners. It is an expert and reliable partner for precision wafer panel planarization. Partner --- Pathfinder of the Internet of Things, Your Excellent Partner for Surface Creation!