About us

Only with customer-oriented research and development, the company can continue to progress, so we always adhere to close integration and communication with customers and grow together with customers, so that manufacturing technology continues to progress, and thus provide maximum customer satisfaction.


Only if there is a contribution to the society, the company has its own value. Therefore, we always insist that in addition to the corporate ambition to seek profits, we have to devote ourselves to our own business, and we have the power of 100 people to serve 100 people. The spirit of the same technology for more than 30 years.


Only in the spirit of humanism, the company can continue to operate forever, so we always adhere to humane management to establish mutual trust between people, thereby winning customers, employees, shareholders and suppliers forever. Trust, and then achieve the goal of sustainable management.


Only continuous innovation will enable the company to maintain its leading position in the market. Therefore, we always insist on taking the initiative to provide customers with better services and continue to accept challenges to enhance and develop new technologies.

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